Buy Targeted Telegram Members

Buy Targeted Telegram Members
Real member for Group
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I am happy to inform you that we can invite your competitor group members to your groups. in the other words We can export any group's users, then invite them to your groups. This is the best way to increase Crypto Related Members, Real ICO Members or adding members by according to your target to your group
It is important to note that this service only for Telegram Groups. A targeted member is a real member 
If you have a channel, it is better to use our other services

Targeted Telegram Members

Target member suitable for product sales
Increasing the number of target members to your channel can push you to achieve your goal and hit the target successfully.
They have similar interests to the subject of your activity, which is why your products and definitely your brand can grow rapidly.
Buying Telegram target subscribers can increase the sales of your products because they enter your group for a special purpose that is your brand’s growth.

?What is group to group
Active members are transferred from the source group (competitor group) to the destination group (your group). The choice of source groups is up to the customer. You can use several .groups

Service information

Member type : Real Members
Suitable : ٖGroup 
Capacity : 1-10 K
Order Amount : 0,5 to 10 K
Speed : 10k|1 Day
Start Time : instantaneous
Country : All Countries
Durability : Unknown
Price 1k : 11.9$

How to order : Click Here

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